Our inventory is always changing at Moonstone & Sage…

We have a wide array of books, oracle & tarot cards, and more inside our shop. From how-to books on self-care, tarot, and runes, to informational books on stones, smudging, pendulums, astrology, numerology, … our growing collection is a great place to find everything you may need to support your own learning and growing. Come see for yourself!

Moonstone & Sage - New In Store

Moonstone & Sage - New In Store

Moonstone & Sage - New In Store

For the gemstone lovers.
This month features products we’re excited to share with you are Mookaite, Lepidolite Book Mica, Black Opal, & Tangerine Quartz. Stop in to see each beautiful collection, and find which stone speaks to you.

Our supply of ORACLE and TAROT decks keeps expanding.
We hand pick decks from various pantheons to offer a broad spectrum of cards and sample decks are available for each deck!
Take a look at the cards before you buy them. Do they resonate with your heart? Don’t’ wait to get home to find they were not what you expected them to be.

Candle Magic.
We have a full line of Coventry Creations candles and tapers to meet your magical and intentional needs, as well as custom candles by Sovereign Light crafted with intention for peace, love and relaxation.


Discover Our Classes & Workshops

Skyfire is back doing face-to-face readings, tuneups, etc. Classes are being scheduled and will be a mix of onsite and Zoom formats.

We are reopening our doors to allow services and classes to be held in person. Go online and book an appointment for Metatron Mat™, BioMat Amethyst & Aura Imaging now.

Learn more about all of our services.


The Greater Good for All

“When Donna Saul walked into Moonstone and Sage, I knew she was someone special. She had a commanding presence and exuded wisdom beyond what my human years could comprehend. I had no idea how much this meeting would change my life. For a number of synchronistic reasons, we were in a temporary location. Donna walked around the space and said “I like what you’re doing here. I have a Native American Shaman friend who would love to do readings here.” I replied, “would that by any chance be, Eagle Skyfire?” The surprised look on her face answered my question.

You see, I had heard about Eagle Skyfire for years but had never met her. When we first opened Moonstone and Sage, as a professional courtesy, we went to Earth Speak (an amazing local store similar to what my vision was for Moonstone and Sage) to let them know that we would be opening. To our surprise, their response was “we already knew you were coming. Skyfire told us three years ago… ‘Moonstone is coming to Malvern’.” This was another one of those pivotal a-ha moments when I knew that Moonstone and Sage was part of a much bigger Divine plan.

I’ve had many angels who appeared along the way to help me open Moonstone and Sage. I am forever grateful for the role they played in this journey. My life is so blessed because of them.

There came a point when I realized that what we were doing was so sacred, that I couldn’t just hire anyone to come in and work at the store. It was a tough decision. I had to really define our purpose at Moonstone And Sage. That was when I created a vision statement and asked people who were joining us on this journey to be walking in a level of integrity honoring Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements.

There have been a number of people who have “worked” at Moonstone and Sage. I am eternally grateful to them. The responsibilities of “walking the Good Red Road” are not for the feint of heart. Each team member is asked to play their part along our sacred journey. They are committed to their own practices of self discovery. They have taken their own vow to serve “The Greater Good of All.” We are all dedicated to helping each person find the tools and path to live their Highest and Best lives. To find your purpose in this world, you must have the courage to face the dark and the light; release that which does not serve your “Highest and Best Self” and embrace the Truth of being Divine Spirits having a Human experience.” – Kathy

Kathy Shea


feels a deep connection to divine wisdom and is following the guiding force for the direction of her life.

Donna Saul


is a business consultant for the greater good, devoting her expertise to elevating the conversation about hope and meaningful change.

Eagle Skyfire


a visionary with insights entrusted to her by tribal elders, enlightens others with truth and acceptance.


What Our Clients Say

5 Stars

This place is pure magic! I left there feeling like it awoke a new chapter.


Welcoming and open space. Jennifer helped me tremendously in picking the right healing gifts for grieving parents.I’ll definitely be back to check out some classes.


Such a beautiful atmosphere!


A resting place for my mind, body, and soul. Sincere and delightful ownership A place that feels like home.


I love this store and all the people I have had the pleasure of meeting! The knowledge, compassion, and healing is genuine and comes from the heart, not the ego.  …


I’ve attended classes offered by a Shaman named Eagle Skyfire and reiki share nights. Very healing. …  I always have a great experience here.


Feel good store going in and feel even better going out. A truly healing environment. … I recently had an amazingly intense crystal healing session with Melinda. Looking forward to trying the drum circle next.


Great place and aura reading machine is fantastic.


This place is a place of peace…stop in and check it out.


I love this store! It was fate to walk in there today and I got to meet these wonderful women. … Can’t wait to go back to this store which is becoming a place for community!



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