Human Design

Human Design Analysis

We are not random—each of us has been created with a unique purpose to bring to this world, and learning how you are designed and what works for you specifically is key to understanding not only purpose, but easing day-to-day living so that you are in the right place at the right time to receive the right opportunities.  We all are energy types and knowing yours is vital to progressing in a healthy way.

 Human Design itself is a complex system based equally in art and science, which provides a mechanical understanding of how we are designed to operate on this plane. It synthesizes aspects of the Chinese I’Ching with the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahamin Chakras along with Astronomy, Quantum Mechanics and Vedic philosophy. It is a powerful and useful self-awareness tool to identify how to align with your Authentic Self where you are free to feel happy, rested, and fulfilled.

 In this Reading, you will learn about your unique design via an analysis of your energy Type, Strategy, Definition and Authority, as well as how you specifically are designed to operate in this world.  Operating correctly brings you to the experiences you are meant to have, the people you are meant to meet and the life purpose you were designed to live out.  It allows you to make your mind an ally in your decision-making processes, and to understand why your life may be painful rather than purposeful.  This Reading will teach you to recognize and to trust the information your body—your Design—gives you.  

 When we understand our individual design, we learn best strategies to use, as well as practical tools and information to live our life to the fullest. 

 Donna Saul

Donna Saul is a successful business consultant who helps companies grow, and who helps people find direction and meaning.  Her proven track record in business is transferrable to life skills and how to make the most of those you own.  Her motto – play to your strengths, and understand how you’re designed to function in this life.  Each person has a unique design and a unique destiny, and only in understanding what that is and how it works can people become unstuck. Couple this with having a solid plan, and a resource for accountability creates a slam dunk for creating and living the life you want doing the work you love, and more.