Metatron Mat

What is the Metatron Mat™?

An electromagnetic grid made from durable copper fabric with powerful neodymium rare earth magnets placed at each diamond intersection. A pure Blue Siberian Quartz crystal disc sits at the center and radiates out.

A small Etheric Weaver™ is placed at each of the 4 outermost points of the diamond. Each Mat has four external connection points from the inner grid(s) – two on the side, one at the top and one at the base.  Two Vajras™ are connected to the Mat & held in the hands during a meditation or healing treatment for increased benefit.

The mat and the Vajras act as a transmitter/receiver that aligns to the atomic energy level, the magnetic field and all resonating factors, and it is all done telepathically through the Etheric field.

Using the Vesica Pisces, the diamond shape formed when two circles come together and merge. It represents the birth of Spirit in Matter known as the Soul and is a Divine Proportion found within all Nature.

Connecting with the Metatron Mat™

  • Stimulates Chi to help revitalize and regenerate the physical body.
  • Enhances and deepens meditation and deep sleep.
  • Naturally clears and calms the emotions and mind.
  • Balances all meridians and chakras.
  • Stimulates natural healing energy in the hands to radiate throughout person’s whole meridian system.
  • Works to balance and purify the energy systems of the body.
  • Works on the cause of “Dis-ease” from the inside out
  • Applies Divine configuration of Vesica Pisces to attune both physical DNA, the light within the physical DNA & the magnetic field carrying that light.
  • Helps clear blockages in etheric field.

Can relieve a wide variety of ailments.