Aura Imaging

Some people naturally see Auras. You can train your eyes to see Auras. It just takes practice. Understanding how conditions affect our Aura is critical to understanding how these same conditions affect our physical body and its organs. Our “State of “Mind” is the first defense against “dis’-ease.” Knowing what effect certain conditions have gives us a roadmap to maintaining our Spiritual Health.*

We offer the following sessions:

*Aura Imaging is classified as a non-medical device. It is designed to diagnose “Spiritual Energy” and is not designed to reveal physical or mental illnesses.


We carry our Aura with us wherever we go. It radiates a foot or more beyond the body. It’s like the air around us…you can’t see it. But you KNOW it’s there. When a person walks in a room, you get a sense of who they are by their Aura. You might get a chill – “they give me the creeps” – or feel drawn to them.

  • An Aura is the invisible energy field surrounding every living creature.
  • Reflects the person’s state of consciousness, emotions & vital energy.
  • Your Aura is the Outward Projection of your Inner State of Being.
  • Thoughts, emotions and circumstances can change your Aura.
  • Stress blocks your Aura / Meditation calms your Aura.
  • First Aura photo was made by the genius scientist Nicola Tesla in 1891.


Root Base of Spine I Am Survival/Physical
Sacral Below Belly Button I Feel Passion/Emotions
Solar Plexus Just below Rib Cage I Do Self Expression
Heart Over the Heart I Love Love/Relationships
Throat Center of the Throat I Speak Communication
Third Eye Between two eye brows I See Intuition
Crown Just above the Head I understand Spirituality
Colors of an Aura


Right side – picture’s left – This is the person’s masculine energy. It is their expressive and active side, how one projects oneself to the world. It is more straightforward and physical, less emotional. Colors on this side may have to do with physical changes, memories or goals. It is the energy that is moving out. The recent or far past.

Left side – picture’s right: This is the person’s feminine energy. It is their passive and receptive side that also displays the emotional and imaginative energy. This side is indicative of what a person is projecting into the future. It is the energy that is moving in. The person may not be aware of it yet though.

Center – above the head – This is the energy of the moment, usually in the colors that the person traditionally reflects. The closer the colors are, the more intensely they are thinking about or experiencing them. If there is a band of color stretching like an arc over the top of the photo, this is indicative of a grand fear or goal.

Auras that expand out indicate spiritual expansion, expressiveness, extroversion, social activity, desire for connection, gregariousness, positive outlook, sense of adventure.

Auras closer in indicate inward focus, sensitivity, desire for solitude, meditation, peace, tranquility, or rest. This could mean a need to express or move out.


Red –  You have a lot to do, and have the energy / power to move mountains. You may find yourself acting as a dynamic leader or find yourself in the limelight or the center of attention. You may exhaust people around you with your incredible enthusiasm.

Orange –  Vitality, vigor, creative, stamina, courageous You are an artist at heart. Now is the time to begin original ideas or creative projects. Orange is also the color of originality and independence.

Yellow –  is a color almost brighter in mood than white, and it can bring a smile to your life. It is the color of life energy, for the sun begets all things. Creative, playful, awareness, power, knowledge, curiosity.

Green – You live your life in an organized, deliberate, and economical fashion. You are ambitious/full of compassion/full of gentle strength. You can be just as generous as you are demanding. Excellent teacher, counselor, or business owner.

Blue – You are experiencing deep inner peace and tranquility. You want to create harmony and ease in your environment. If you meditate, you may be able to easily access blissful states of consciousness. Your spirituality, rest, and peace are your main focus now.Cool, calm, sensitive, expression

Purple / Violet – “Magical” would best describe your life at this point. You would rather talk about miracles, magic, and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow rather than anything ordinary or mundane. You would rather focus on the ethereal and the sublime.

White – Light of truth. It is pure in pigment and light, like absence of sin and the joining of powers. It is the coveted ivory, the moon. Spiritual, etheric and non-physical qualities, transcendent, higher dimensions. Purity and truth; angelic qualities., spiritually connected & transcendent.

Gold – Prosperity is yours now just for the asking. Luck, abundance, and joy surround you. You inspire others with your warm, optimistic, and happy attitude. Your goodwill toward everyone you encounter triggers a chain reaction of love, acceptance, and friendship. Your whole being radiates like sunshine and you lift other’s spirits.

This shows a person prior to using Shaman’s Market 7 Chakra Spray and AFTER. The subtle differences we make to our energy have dynamic impact on the function of our body and the way we perceive/are perceived by others.

Aura Imaging - Before

Aura Imaging - After

Notice the changes. Chakras more balanced. Colors aligned with balance, serenity and healing.