“When it was first suggested I take Skyfire’s Shamanism class, I must admit I was skeptical. I did not see myself as a “shaman” nor did I aspire to be one. I didn’t think the class was really relevant for me. I couldn’t have been any more wrong on so many levels. Understanding shamanism is SO much more than the practice of being a traditional shaman. It is about living in harmony with Nature.” – Kathy

Shamanism is a “way of living.” Shamanism is the purest of spiritual practices connecting you to your own spiritual Power, the Fire within. It is being connected one-on-one with the cycles of nature and all the dimensions of this vast Universe. It is being in relationship with your Sacred Self. It is learning to be still to listen to the Voice Within. It is here within you that deep Knowing resides and it will connect you to All That Is. Through this connection, you will find that you will be able to receive universal wisdom and feel inner peace. By accessing your inner wisdom, you will be better able to guide yourself throughout the different areas of your every day life. You will also be shown how to properly connect to the spirit realms that lie beyond the five physical senses. It shows you how to find and interact with the spirits and sacred beings in a safe and proper way. All of this will promote your personal growth, which can lead you to personal transformation. This evolution will help you discover your life purpose. Finally, one of the greatest benefits is being able to live in greater harmony and balance. It is feeling confident and at home no matter where you may be. It is living life to the fullest.

We offer the following classes:

Finding Home within the Heart of the Earth

Introducing Skyfire’s New Book

Finding Home within the Heart of the Earth

Creating a Harmonious Space with the Energy of the Earth

Create a deep sense of security, peace, and comfort for yourself and your loved ones by making the energy of your home more harmonious with nature. Featuring simple techniques presented through the lens of a shaman and tradition keeper, this lovely book teaches you how to live gently upon the planet and improve your physical and spiritual wellness.

Discover universal spiritual principles and how to use them to plan, create, and maintain your harmonious space. Explore energetic techniques for finding your center, getting in touch with yourself and your loved ones, attracting benevolent spirits, and connecting to the elements. With this book’s accessible exercises and instructions, you can build a living space that makes you happier, healthier, and more productive.

Journeying Between the Worlds: Walking with the Sacred Spirits Through Native American Shamanic Teachings & Practices

Journeying Between the Worlds

Strengthen Your Connection to Nature, Your Inner Wisdom, and Sacred Spirits Through Shamanism

Journeying Between the Worlds by Eagle Skyfire is written for beginner and intermediate practitioners and shares shamanic teachings in a way easily understood by people from any culture. This book contains practices that will open the door to dynamic, ever-evolving relationships with Great Spirit, your sacred self, and your ancestors.

With simple exercises that help you build your skills and knowledge, this powerful guide teaches lessons based on spiritual concepts such as shamanic journeying, the Medicine Wheel, dreams and visions, Power Animals, the elements, shamanic tools, the three realms, and much more. Journeying Between the Worlds shows you how to make sacred connections with the natural world, divine beings, and your own soul.