We are living in a time of a Great Awakening – a modern-day Renaissance.

Never before have people from all across the world been so connected. At the click of a button, we can connect, in real-time, with people from almost every country and even the International Space Station. In the past, our Centers of Influence included our family, teachers, local businesses and neighbors who were contained within a geographic proximity. People beyond a 50-mile radius were considered “long distance.” Keeping in touch required written correspondence that traveled for a week or more to reach its destination. 

Today, we can go online, on any device, anywhere, and communicate live with a stranger halfway around the world. Social Media has given us the opportunity to find people with common interests regardless of their location. Our Center of Influence is not limited by geographic proximity. This is a modern-day marvel mostly taken for granted these days.

The convenience and flexibility of this instant connectedness is a blessing and a curse. Yes, we can access people 24/7, but at what cost to the people in front of you? Are we really present with those who are right next to us? The stimulus of this constant communication and access to online apps and games draws us into the spell of this digital age.

The next stage of this digital connectedness is access to current-day resources and more via the most powerful and underused computer, our brain. In the space between our thoughts, there is a place where imagination has no limitations! We access this space when we are quiet and disconnected from any manufactured stimuli. As much as we had to learn the tools of connecting electronically, we need to relearn the art of going within and listening to our hearts. 

It was in this quiet space where I was shown a vision of what would become Moonstone and Sage.  I didn’t know how or when, but I knew it was important and I needed to follow my heart; even when logically it didn’t make sense.  The more I listened, the more I understood the steps I would need to take to come to this day.  There were many pivotal experiences that marked this journey.  None more important than meeting and befriending Donna and Skyfire.  Donna’s concept of “the Greater Good Project” is what Moonstone and Sage is all about.  Stepping away from self-centered ego and adopting the principles of doing what is in the best interest for the Greater Good of ALL is the key to a peaceful future in this tumultuous world. 

This is a very simple concept, but it’s not easy! Once you find this space, you are granted an opening to the Universal Consciousness. That place where all knowledge exists and is readily available to those who would listen. It is our “Higher Self” or our “Spirit Self.” It’s important to remember… we ARE “Spirits” having a “Human experience.” We are not “Humans” having a “Spiritual experience.” There is a huge difference between these two experiences. This was never so clear to me as when my beloved Mother-in-law took her last breaths and left her body. The void in the room was greater than any physical mass. Her body was clearly nothing but a costume the Spirit wears to take form on this Earth. Once her Spirit left the body, she was no longer there. For me, this was one of life’s pivotal moments from which you can’t turn back.  We wear many costumes in our lives.  The greatest costume is the Human Form we wear to protect our Spirit Self.

Moonstone and Sage is all about bringing you closer to this Higher Self residing in each and every one of us. The purpose of coming to Moonstone and Sage is to find methods and tools to connect us with this quiet Source of Unlimited Power every day of our lives!

It’s great to have a place to go to, a sanctuary, where you are free to access the purity of your Heart. More important is finding that sanctuary within and learning to visit there during the course of your daily life. This is possible. It Can be done! It is our Divine Calling to help you find this within.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
– Albert Einstein