Welcome Summer – Hello July!

By the Native American calendar, July brings to us the Crazy Moon. Look around and it’s not a surprise. It requires of us adaptability, ingenuity, strategic thinking and it has arrived to reset the balances—gracefully if you’ve been paying attention and doing your inner-work, and not so much if you have not. With the Crazy Moon and Coyote Spirit operating concurrently, you may have your world burned to the ground so that you may begin again on the correct path. Uncomfortable, but necessary. But what it is teaching us is that we must become comfortable with the uncomfortable, and that we must live in the flow while adjusting to the changes around us, welcome or not. But do not fear, for you are capable of far more than you imagined.

July Happenings

– What’s Happening This Month –

As always, we offer a variety of services, readings, products and more to help you remain stable and calm and to help you ‘move’ when required and create ease when it is needed. We’ve welcomed into the Shop new gemstones, jewelry, candles, incense, oracle and tarot decks and more.

One of the items worth your time and attention this month, if you are called to these things, is our new line of candles by Mystic Purities that will help you to embrace your inner magic. A quick word on burning candles because this question has come up a lot recently: make sure you cut the wick to one quarter of an inch, and most importantly, light the candle only when you have time to allow the candle wax to reach a full melt pool, which may take up to one hour to one and a half hours. This step is important as wax has a ‘melt memory’ so this will prevent your candle from ‘tunneling’. This will help your candle to last longer, and for those of you practicing candle magic, it will give you a more accurate reading on how your spell, prayer and intentions are working.

If you enjoy working with incense and aromatherapy, check out our full line, as well as our newest hand rolled, curated and 100 natural Incensed, which comes cleverly packaged from the artisan in test tube vials to preserve freshness.

This is a good month to do lots of inner work so that the sun can burn off what creates distress in you. To help guide and direct you, as well as provide valuable information about the issues at hand or your future, we have lots of decks in stock that you can test. I mention this because I have found these are one of the best ways you can deepen your spiritual practices, as well as get quick and practical information to guide your day. You can read more about our tarot and oracle decks below, but allow me to call to your attention a few of my favorites. For those of you who are seeking grace, freedom and radical transformation: the Kali Oracle is worth your attention. For those of you seeking to reconnect with the wisdom of nature and deepen your path and your calling, the Secret Language of Animals is one of the best and most consistently helpful decks I’ve used. We’ve also welcomed into the Shop Dr. Steven Farmer’s new deck, Messages from the Spirits of Nature Oracle. This is a deck designed to spark insights and healings via messages from the Spirits of trees, rivers, stone and animals. It’s simple and it’s lovely.

We also have a variety of classes and workshops, forest walks, readings, reiki services and so much more. You can find details below, as well as on our website. And as always, we are here to help. And thank you always for your support and patronage of our Shop and our practitioners! We are deeply grateful!