Welcome October at Moonstone & Sage!

Fall has arrived—a season for balancing light and dark, for letting go and for deciding what will stay that can be built up or come to fruition. It is a time of change, mystery, preservation, protection, comfort and for accepting the impermanence of things. To that end, we have (new) upcoming events this month to help you honor and release the past, as well as to welcome, craft and cultivate your future. This month, we’re all about comfort and looking toward the season of rest—from clothing, books, or divination tools. We have in comfy hoodies to snuggle inside of once the cool temperatures come upon us; prayer flags to carry your prayers, intention and mantras to those Gods and Goddesses who watch over us, as well as a brand new assortment of incense, books, divination tools, and oracle and tarot cards.

Fall Meditation

Once each year, we are blessed with an opportunity to honor the Ancestor’s Moon, with a special Ancestor’s Moon Ceremony—a ritual of remembrance that brings release and healing. There is more on this listed in the event section below, but it is your time to journey to communicate with the ones you have lost, whether human or animal companion, to make your peace with their passing and to let them go to journey on to what comes next for them. It is an emotional and healing moment that frees both you and them so that both move on to be who they are to become. If you have not experienced this powerful moment, this is your time—Saturday, October 2, 6:00 pm- 7:30 pm. Reservations are needed and space is limited to respect CDC recommendations. Please arrive early to be smudged off and seated, and to lay your items on the altar for blessings. See below for additional details and for instructions for the community pot luck after. The event will be held in-person.

On October 16, we offer our first ever Magic and Manifestation workshop. Here you will learn how to craft your desires into practical reality by blending Heaven and Earth to manifest proper outcome. Reservations needed. Bring your current manifestation tools, whatever they may or may not be, and some specific intention or dream you wish to manifest, If you do not have these presently, feel no pressure and benefit from the general discussion. We’ll talk what is magic, where to find it, how to use it and the practical aspects of manifesting your dreams, desires and intentions. It would be my personal wish that you leave understanding exactly how to craft your own personal magic in life, and how to bring it to life. See our events section below or on our website for details and registration. The event is in-person. Bring a journal, calendar, or there will be some for purchase at the shop on that day. (Participants will get a 10% discount on purchases on October 16 only.)

These are just some of the many things happening this month. A full roster is below.

Please look for our survey at a later date, or feel free to let us know anytime what you’d like to see, or see more of, in our shop or our newsletter! Send to or via social media messaging @MoonstoneandSage.

Blessings for a beautiful month!