Welcome November at Moonstone & Sage!

A recurring theme with all of us at Moonstone, and with many of our customers is that of ‘letting go’, settling in, and crafting what you will manifest next in your life. We’re fast approaching the time of year when we settle into our environments—physical, mental, spiritual and psychological. We assess what’s been working for us and what hasn’t, and what we want to create for the year to come. For some, this shift has been subtle; for others, not so much. Many are feeling it is being forced upon us, and there is truth there. For what we hold onto too long—beliefs, ways of being, thinking, acting and more, are taken from us when we’ve been too long, or not at all, letting go gracefully. And here we are, and for better or worse, there is beauty and hope within all of it.

Fall Foliage

For November, we’ve brought in a supply of journals, calendars and books to assist you through these next days, months, and the coming year.

We’re a resource for what you need. Please just ask us.