Welcome May

This month, the Gods give way to the Goddesses, who rule and watch over this month of May. Goddess energy this month is strong. Many of us are undecided about how we stand in the face of these changes and adversity we witness all around us. For many others, there is an awakening and a deepening of something strong and solid in our core seeding what it is will come next, even if we do not know what form that will take. For some, this creates fear and anxiety. For others, a digging in and a desire to affect change in the areas of their passions. It is the women who will rule this planet; for men have held the power for too long. And what has been done with it? This is by no means a ‘putting aside’ of male energy–both are needed in their correct forms, and in correct measure so that ALL of us evolve and to thrive.

We have worshiped Goddesses since the beginning of time—the Lady Mary, who birthed the Christ energy; Sekhmet, a bringer of war and of peace, of justice and accountability; Kali, who helps those who cannot voice their anger and rage be heard rather than ignored; Green Tara, a comforter of those who are lost and who seek solace. Chang’e, the awakener of self-awareness, and like this goddess, you are capable of being reborn. And so many more…

Think of the Goddesses you pray to or admire. What quality do they represent? For those are the qualities you seek for yourself, or that you possess in some measure that will grow within you should your prayers to these Divine Beings be heard and addressed.

And without self-consciousness, allow the goddess inside you to shine, to nourish yourself and others, and to create peace when you can, and justice when you must.
Inviting Goddess energy is not the rah-rah false empowerment that encourages you to be more-than so others are less that is put forth by neophytes and false prophets with big followings and slick marketing presentations. True Goddess energy is about standing firm in your beliefs, your authenticity, your integrity, honor and ability to speak the truth without harm to another, except when harm is warranted. (And even then, I would caution care.) This takes a special kind of courage honed over time, with hardship and glory, with love and devotion and a strength that is developed by living and learning and giving and taking and seeing clearly who you are and who you are not, where you are strong and where you are not. Accepting. Then behaving accordingly. We are all capable. Now what will you do with this?

May you all have a blessed and beautiful Mother’s Day and month of May.

“The spring is fresh and fearless
And every leaf is new,
The world is brimmed with moonlight,
The lilac brimmed with dew.

Here in the moving shadows
I catch my breath and sing-
My heart is fresh and fearless
And over-brimmed with spring.”

– Sara Teasdale, May Night

May Happenings

– What’s Happening This Month –

How fitting that the month of the Goddesses also holds the most precious of all days: Mother’s Day. Time to honor the woman who gave you life, so what better time than to have a sale? You don’t have to be a mom to take advantage of it—for we all are moms to something or someone! We’re offering 10% off all gemstones and minerals, and tarot and oracle cards. We also have Gift Certificates for those of you who can’t decide, or who would rather Mom make her own choices. Stop in May 1 – 8 and take advantage of the savings!

We’ll be expanding our offerings in June, so stay tuned to our socials and website. In the meantime, you can enjoy Drum Healing with Moe, Readings and Tune-Ups with Skyfire (including a Communicating with your Guardian Spirit Workshop, with Readings and Tune Ups available beforehand), Human Design Analysis with Donna, Stone Readings and gemstone-based classes with Melinda, and Weekend Walkabouts are back with Megan!! (Scroll below for details.)

Jennifer continues to offer Reiki for both animals and their humans, and we welcomed another member to our Moonstone family: Natalie Kendal, who will be teaching about Lemuria and the Pleidians, Starbeings and Starseeds, the New Earth and the New Human, as well as offering services to soothe the soul and reset the central nervous system.

We have products representing each Pantheon, and each of the Elements, and the way each of us Walks through this life. We can help you to customize a practice (if you wish), or help you add to or modify your current practice. We’re more than a store. We’re a resource, and we are here to serve you in the best way possible. So come see us, or, call us and we can assist via concierge service.

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