Drumming / Sound Healing

Reduce stress through drumming, experience powerful singing bowl meditation, and relax and renew in this drum circle event with Moe Jerant, an endorsed REMO HealthRHYTHMS® Facilitator. This is a two part event.

The first is the drumming circle. Moe teaches you how to beat the drum to get the best sound. She then does a series of follow the leader rhythms. This gets you connected and grounded. You are able to release any inhibitions and let the rhythm flow freely through you.

The second part is an ethereal connection to the cosmos. Moe takes us on a magical journey using crystal bowls and gongs. This otherworldly experience takes you on a cosmic journey where you float and allow your body to become one with the Universe.

All drum types welcome! Bring or reserve drum if you need one. Bring yoga mat if you have.

Moe has a unique approach to drumming and wellness. She creates experiences to foster communication and connection. Which is something we need more and more in our daily lives. Moe’s rhythm based events are a reflection of things that matter to her… bringing all kinds of people together with music. Moe has shared her talents at conferences and workshops, cognitive disabilities programs, juveniles in lock down, stay at home mom groups, family fun nights at the library, scout meetings and countless others.