Crystal Healing / Readings


Crystals are defined as a solid whose components are arranged in a highly ordered, repetitive structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions. When given adequate space during the formation process, crystals also exhibit geometric facets that reflect the internal symmetry and coherence of their composition. ¹

Crystals are everywhere. They are used for so much more than we realize. Crystals use piezoelectricity to send signals such as radio waves. We are familiar with the, silicon chip, the semiconductor which runs most computers. Drywall is also comprised of a crystal — gypsum, which we know as selenite.

Everything we see is energy. Even the densest rock is energy at its core. Microphysics is the branch of physics dealing with elementary particles, atoms, and molecules. The study of Quantum Physics opens a world where we understand things at whole new level. Crystals emit their own frequency, amplitude and wave length. There is so much to learn from the gifts from Mother Nature around us.

Crystals even form parts of our human body. The collective system of crystalline materials in the body is sometimes referred to as the liquid crystal body matrix. ²

Our physical body is more crystalline than we think. Our teeth and bones are made of mineral crystals called hydroxyapatite, a calcium phosphate mineral that provides durability and rigidity to the skeletal system. Hemoglobin, the compound in red blood cells, has more than one crystal form, depending on whether it carries oxygen or carbon dioxide. DNA, the. Biological blueprint found in every cell of your body, has a regular reparative structure that echos the principles of
crystallinity itself. Collagen fibers and other forms of connective tissue exhibit the long-range order of crystals, which provide them with their structural integrity, flexibility and sensitivity. Lipid molecules in cell membranes, muscle protein and the water molecules in every cell of your body
exist as a liquid crystal mesophase. ³

When we understand the crystalline nature of our bodies, we can see how we have a reaction to the beautiful crystals around us. We offer classes and workshops on learning about the synergy of crystals. We use the power of crystals to help our physical and spiritual bodies heal. There is so much to learn from crystals. Once you enter the world of crystals, you’ll never turn back. You’ll want to learn more and more every day. Be careful, the love of crystals is contagious!

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