Hello March

It is said that March arrives as a lion and leaves as a lamb. But will it? I’m not talking about weather necessarily. This is the time of year when I would talk of how the nesting and planning of winter gives way to the birth of Spring, and the shifting into new ways of being and becoming, both spiritually and practically. And this still remains true. But in this time of new birth, we are overshadowed by the world at the edge of war. We stand in disbelief, not because we haven’t seen this before, but that we are here once again. So March—in like a lion: the invasion of Ukraine, by a power-hungry dictator. Out like a lamb still to be determined.

Yet in the meantime, we are seeing acts unlike what we’ve seen before of world leaders and of people at war. When Ukrainian President Zelenskiy stood his ground, choosing to stay and fight for his country, it was a stark contrast to our leadership who ran to hide when unarmed citizens—not soldiers—approached the Capital. When the Ukrainian people—not just soldiers—took up arms to defend their country, so many volunteers they beg the world to donate drones, flak jackets, goggles, optics and ways of keeping warm during an unusually-cold March in Ukraine… in America, we run to a keyboard and press a “Like” thinking it will voice our outrage and make a difference. I compare these not to start a political discussion, but to point out the stark contrast that exists between a people who have had to fight centuries for what they have, who have lived with occupation and terror, and an America who still thinks talk is more powerful than action. But action now is warranted.

Spring brings forth the desire to move, to take action, to nurture seeds you have planted, whether in the ground, your mind, or your heart. We now are being asked to take action on a larger scale—to stand strong not only in our beliefs, but in defense of others—around our neighborhoods, our communities and around the world. Yes, we are weary. But weariness is no reason to stop fighting for the life you want, and to help others live the lives they wish. Right now, there are people dying for that very right.

In these difficult times, we do need prayers. But more so, we need action. Helplessness is not an excuse — nor a reason to lose hope.

Spirituality is not just about prayers and ritual and magic and all the nice things that people enjoy. It’s also about activism; about standing up for what is right; about helping in crisis and in tragedy; about putting your heart and soul and life on the line for what you believe.

Now is the time. We are reaping the collective karma of our times. All of us have contributed to it. It will take all of us to course correct it.

Many blessings as we enter Spring.

In our relative safety, it is our privilege to provide hope and inspiration to those who are unable to provide it for themselves.

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

– Martin Niemöller

Spring Thaw

– What’s Happening This Month –

In this season of New Beginnings, we all have dreams and goals that are fresh and new, or ones we have dusted off to try again—whether you yearn to find your place in this world, deepen your spiritual practice, or reduce the clutter in mind, heart and home, manifest a specific outcome, or a myriad of other hopes and dreams or goals and objectives. This is the time to put plans into action—seed the start of a new way of being and doing. To that end, we offer products and services designed to move you through these transitions: journals, oracle and tarot cards, books, pendulums, runes and stones, classes and readings and workshops and more. We strive to expand and increase our offerings and services so that they align with your needs, our needs, and the movement of the cycles and the Great Wheel.

This month, we’ve added a Drum Healing Circle with Moe, Stone Readings with Melinda, Human Design Analysis with Donna, and have resumed the weekend Walkabouts with Megan. We have two Workshops with Skyfire: Discover your Power Animal, and Past Lives and Your Future. Skyfire has added March 17, 24, and 31 for readings and tune ups. Jennifer continues to offer Reiki for both animals and their humans, and we welcomed another member to our Moonstone family: Natalie Kendal, who will be teaching about Lemuria and the Pleidians, Starbeings and Starseeds, the New Earth and the New Human, and ultimately offering services in the ancient way of healing.

We have products representing each Pantheon, and each of the Elements, and the way each of us Walks through this life. We can help you to customize a practice (if you wish), or help you add to or modify your current practice. We’re more than a store. We’re a resource, and we are here to serve you in the best way possible. So come see us, or, call us and we can assist via concierge service.