A Historic Age of Transformation!

We are witnessing a critical time in history. The year 2020 will be remembered for generations to come as a time of unprecedented transformation. We are shedding the old skin that no longer serves us and opening up to fresh ideas. In order to make room for new growth, we must let go of the old. The Universe is ever expanding…. We are being called to stretch and grow within this pulsing Universe. We are being asked to remember we are Spirit Beings first. Earth is a tiny part of a vast Universe.

This Shift in Consciousness has been happening for some time now. It has been building for years. It’s the “Age of Aquarius” sung about in the 1960s. It’s the dreaded 12/21/2012 “end of the world” when the Mayan Long Count Calendar reset. Just like each January we turn the calendar and begin a new year, in 2012 we stepped into a whole new era. 2020 is accelerating that transformation.

It’s time to re-calibrate and create a new norm! Life as we knew it is different now. So much has changed on a global level. The Truth is, we can never go back to the exact way we were. I think most of us realize, we don’t want to. Things have been off kilter for so long. We were reaching for the carrot on the stick only to lose sight of the amazing blessings within reach, all around us, every day.

We have been given a tremendous opportunity. To create a world where all are treated fairly with governing rules of kindness and compassion seeking the “Greater Good for ALL.” It really is that simple. It is up to us what we do with this opportunity. This may feel like a monumental task. In many ways it is. “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” How we embrace the changes in our lives every day, the choices we make, the words we use will mold our society… one step at a time.

The Universe is always seeking harmony. Like in the ebb and flow of the oceans and the rising and setting of both the moon and the sun. Light gives way to darkness so we can go within. Darkness relinquishes the sky to the morning light. The promise of a new day.

In the egocentric days that have brought us to where we are today, Divine Masculine energy was out of balance. Now it is time for Divine Feminine to take its rightful place at the table. It is not meant for Divine Feminine to overrule the Divine Masculine. That would just perpetuate the problem. It’s time for feminine and masculine to work together in balance and bring us into a more harmonious way of living. Just as the sun gives rise to the moon and the moon to the sun.

Divine Feminine energy is emerging with a loving and compassionate heart. This historic Shift in Consciousness will be the movement that will be talked about for generations to come. It is no accident WE/YOU are here to witness these historic events. Many of us are also called to participate as well.
Listen to your heart… you will know if you are being called.