Welcome to end of Summer!

August is a transition month—one season winds down and another sets up to begin. This is as it should be for one thing always becomes another, and nature abhors a vacuum. As the Summer winds down, our thoughts begin the slow turn toward Fall, when the leaves change color, fall to the ground, and the seasons of introspection begin.
Yet, it IS still August AND Summer and many of us yearn for the last hurrah—the last chance to pack into Summer all we didn’t get to do. For the seeds we planted this season: How did they grow—in all the gardens…of the land, the body, the heart and the mind? What will be added, what will turn over, and where will we need to begin again, or refine what already has been set into motion? As with all we do here at Moonstone and Sage, we exist to assist those who come through our doors find the solace, the growth, the change or the respite they seek or they need.

Sunflower Field

If your goal this year was to accomplish something—whether you yearned to find your place in this world, deepen your spiritual practice, or reduce the clutter in mind, heart and home, manifest a specific outcome, or a myriad of other hopes and dreams that manifest as goals, this is the time to evaluate and reevaluate and refine. To that end, we offer products and services designed to move you through these goals and transitions—journals, oracle and tarot cards, books, pendulums, runes and stones and more. We strive to expand and increase our offerings and services so that they align with your needs, our needs, and the movement of the cycles and the Wheel. We have products representing each Pantheon, and each of the Elements, and the way each of us Walks through this life. We can help you to customize a practice (if you wish), or help you add to or modify your current practice. We’re more than a store. We’re a resource, and we are here to serve you in the best way possible. So come see us, or, call us and we’ll help you choose, and/or ship what you need.

Happy August. May the Universe smile on you!