There was a large area of land I lived next to for several years, forest intermixed with open space. I must have walked this land hundreds of times, but never once did I notice this site, until that one particular evening during the winter season.
At the time of this photo, I was feeling very alone. I was longing so much for a partner, wondering why I hadn’t found ‘my person’ yet, overwhelmed with thoughts of frustration, questioning my worthiness, contemplating what I must be doing wrong, why had there been such delay in my life with finding love.

My head held low, walking slowly, following the rhythmic pace of my feet, one foot in front of the other, tears emerging from the corners of my eyes. At a particular moment, and for no particular reason, I lifted my head to glimpse up at the royal blue night sky only to find these two lovers in the foreground, standing, staring right at me. I smiled and melted into the sweetness of the moment, as I’d imagine a parent would do watching their child embrace the love of their life for the first time.

As silly as this may sound, I thought I’d be almost jealous of them, having joined with each other, cultivating their love and connection over hundreds of years to a place where finally, they had found themselves in this seemingly eternal embrace. They embodied a manifestation of love so deep, so rooted, so firmly planted… maybe that is why instead of jealousy, I smiled and laughed almost uncontrollably when I saw them, because their power and energy of love overcame even my most stagnant and eroded feelings about love.

Why had I experienced such a comforting, blissful reaction to these ‘tree lovers’ when I was in such a state of despair?…

Maybe it’s because I was humbled by this profound display of affection and love. Perhaps it’s because this vision was such a gift, showing me the many ways love can show its face to the world. It could have been the gentle expression of sweet care and kindness – this energy- they exuded as one leaned into the other. And it’s possible I simply became overwhelmed in recognizing the tremendous patience these two endured to finally intertwine as one.

Or maybe just perhaps, the message from the chance encounter that evening was actually quite simple, rather personal… it was Mama Earth’s way of whispering into my ear, “child, never lose Hope.”