The Rise Of The New Moon

Monday, September 6 At 8:51 PM Eastern, USA

A new moon is always a good time for a reset and for beginning a new cycle. There is a burst of new energy and inspiration that can be harnessed as fuel for a new project, relationship or intention. This (Virgo) moon specifically triggers a potent energy that can be experienced either as fear and anxiety or as excitement for a positive shift, since it has to do with inevitable change. Intuition is enhanced and you can get downloads of insights, truth and clarity.

This moon also brings to the surface a self-awareness of behaviors, energy leaks, dysfunctional aspects of your “story”, and encourages leaving your comfort zone to make a change, broaden your container, and step out into a new landscape. This could increase your excitement and inspiration, or you may feel irritated or uncomfortable. Make sure you are not projecting any negativity onto others and watch potential projections of others onto you.

There is also a desire to organize chaos and make a plan. It is a good time to do some physical organization in your personal environment such as filing, cleaning and decluttering. Strive for balance between much needed personal alone time for reflection and connecting with others in a social container.

Blessings for a beautiful New Moon.

Sunflower Field

Here comes September—it begins our favorite time of the year! So much happening, both beginning and ending, with so much potential and opportunity to craft your destiny, to make this world a beautiful place and to claim your place in it, not only for yourself, but for the greater good of us all—planet, people, animals, plant life and all who call this world home!

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