Aura Imaging

What is an Aura?

  •   An Aura is the invisible energy field surrounding every living creature.
  •   Reflects the person’s state of consciousness, emotions & vital energy.
  •   Your Aura is the Outward Projection of your Inner State of Being.
  •   Thoughts, emotions and circumstances can change your Aura.
  •   Stress blocks your Aura / Meditation calms your Aura.
  •   First Aura photo was made by the genius scientist Nicola Tesla in 1891.

Why would you want an Aura Image?

Some people naturally see Auras. You can train your eyes to see Auras. It just takes practice. Understanding how conditions affect our Aura is critical to understanding how these same conditions affect our physical body and its organs. Our “State of “Mind” is the first defense against “dis’-ease.” Knowing what effect certain conditions have gives us a road map to maintaining our Spiritual Health..*


All sessions include 2 Images and Printed Report.

$30.00 – Portrait & Full Chakra Images
$45.00 – Before & After Image
$50.00 – Interactive Two Person
$40.00 – Advanced Imaging*
$75.00 – Package (3 Sessions) 20% Savings
$125.00 – Package (6 Sessions) 30% Savings

Intuitive Interpretation of Aura by Laura
Optional – Appointment Required – Additional $15.00

*Pricing Begins at $40.00, it can increase based upon request.

Aura Imaging

We carry our Aura with us wherever we go. It radiates a foot or more beyond the body. (It’s like the air around us…you can’t see it. But you KNOW it’s there.) When a person walks in a room, you get a sense of who they are by their Aura. You might get a chill (“they give me the creeps.”) or feel drawn to them.