The Triple Moon Goddess – The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone.  It is the symbol of cycles in our lives from the cycles of the moon every month to the cycles of our lives. I love this symbol because of its simplicity and yet it represents movement and growth throughout our lives. In this piece, I have burned the triple moon symbol into a simple piece of pine wood. In the middle of the center strand is a large desert rose selenite stone. This is a grounding stone which makes it an excellent mediation stone. Surrounding it are raw pieces of sunstone, aventurine, strawberry quartz and calcite. Also included in this piece are peach moonstone, aquamarine, pink opal, selenite, citrine, chrysocolla and serpentine. In terms of energy, this piece packs a crystal punch! The stones are all accented by clear crystals which give all of the stones cohesiveness, light and rainbows. The piece comes to its conclusion with a fabulous AB Crystal Moon pendant.