June is often associated with Father’s Day, but just like last month with a celebration of the divine feminine, we are taking this holiday into a month-long celebration of the divine masculine! Each one of us, no matter our sex, has the divine masculine spark within. After getting in touch with our divine feminine side, it is especially important to get in touch with this divine masculine piece of us to grow in the balance of the universe.

Hematite is grounding and protective that brings energy and vitality to your physical body. It is full of optimism, determination, courage, self esteem, and willpower. Hematite’s ability to be magnetized helps pull what you truly want toward you and makes you strive for improvement. It dissolves negativity and harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. It is a logical stone that is connected to the root and earth chakras, helping keep your feet on the ground while you still explore the clouds.

Red Calcite has both the properties of generic calcite and its own special ones. Calcite is a crystal that cleans negative energies from the environment and heightens your own energy. It is highly active and spiritual, opening higher awareness and spiritual development. It helps those who have lost hope or motivation. Calcite combats laziness and turns ideas into actions. It enhances trust in the self. Red calcite in particular is useful for increasing energy, uplifting emotions, aiding willpower, and opening the heart chakra as well as healing the base chakras. Red calcite alleviates fear and brings you an understanding of that fear’s source. It removes blockages that help you move forward in life.

As we discussed last month, Amazonite continues its influence due to its balancing properties. It is a Goddess Stone that filters and absorbs electromagnetic smog to keep it away from you. It is a crystal of diplomacy by letting you see both (or more) sides of an issue and reach your own conclusions. It promotes self-determination, releases grief, balances emotions, and facilitates constructive expression of what needs to be shared. Amazonite is full of quiet compassion and releases you of self-judgment – something we all need less of today! It helps set healthy boundaries and establish healthy relationships. It also invokes imagery of the Amazons, the women-led warrior tribe, which balances the masculine and feminine energies.

The combination of Hematite, Red Calcite, and Amazonite is great to harness and balance the masculine energies in all of us. Hematite’s protective nature evokes the concept of Father Sky, watching over us and shielding us from harm, while still making sure our feet are touching Mother Earth. Add Red Calcite to the mix, and you have motivation to pursue what your highest self needs most. Amazonite’s influence makes sure that you are not depending too much on masculine or feminine energies, that you strike a balance between the two and embrace both fully. These stones are not only great for women who need to get in touch with the divine masculine inside, but particularly wonderful for men who need a boost of confidence in themselves as well as the ability to see through the so-called masculinity that society and media dictates they achieve. Your inner divine masculine energy is just as valid and beautiful as your inner divine feminine energy. Never forget that we are all one and need balance in our lives! Embrace every aspect of yourself, including those you haven’t tried to explore yet. This is the perfect time to see what the universe has in store for you.