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Shamanism I: Journeying Between The Worlds – Thursdays

June 3, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Shamanism I: Journeying Between the Worlds is a level-up class for practitioners and students of all experience. The course is based on the book, Journeying Between the Worlds, and focuses not only on understanding the dynamics between the worlds, but in walking the walk between Heaven and Earth as a part of daily living. This course is for a serious student interested in developing a strong, meaningful, practice based on the fundamentals of Native American principles—the Good Red Road.

The course will cover some principles taught in earlier Shamanism courses, but add new and in- depth information about how to incorporate these elements as part of an everyday practice and way of being. It’s not enough to say you studied Shamanism. You have to live it. And this course will show you how, and, how to make these principles meaningful in your own life. This is more than just about journeying, but learning to connect with Spirits on this and the other side, and walking in both of these worlds. Learn how to connect with your higher Self, beings of nature, and the Divine spirits. This class series will give you strong foundations by instructing you on the basics of ritual, spiritual wellness, and discovering your personal Medicine.

Each two-hour class will focus on one aspect of this practice. Classes begin Thursday, February 11th, and will run five months—March 11, April 8th, May 13, with a Final due on June 10. This class focuses strictly on Native American Shamanism and ritual.

Course Requirements: Notebook, textbook (Journeying Between the Worlds, by Eagle Skyfire); a willingness to devote yourself to developing a personal spiritual practice

This course also will become a pre-requisite for those wishing to become an apprentice on the Good Red Road.

COST: $750

Installment payments not preferred, but possible due to COVID recovery.

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Eagle Skyfire is a Native American Shaman, Seer and Tradition Keeper for her tribe.  She is an author, speaker and reader who assists those seeking meaningful transformation, direction and healing, as well as bringing ancient teachings to this 21st Century.  She has walked in both worlds all of her life, and now is bringing her 40-plus years of experience to students of all levels and practices.  We are honored she is willing to share these teachings here at Moonstone and Sage.


June 3, 2021
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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