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Readings with Eagle Skyfire



This reading focuses on the timing of things & how different aspects of your life or a situation react with one another.  Eagle Skyfire will ask you to cast stones upon a Medicine Wheel.  She will interpret the patterns of the stones while speaking with your Guardian spirit.  This consultation will give you detailed information on potentially “how & when” things will take place & the dynamics surrounding your questions.


Focuses on energy & life lessons & can speak of the future as well as the past including past incarnations.  Learn how the “flow of the Sacred River,” which is the flow of karmic energy touching all aspects of your life, is affecting your journey.  This consultation will give you profound insight as to “why” things are happening.


By consulting the Medicine Wheel & your Guardian spirit, Eagle Skyfire is able to give you recommendations on what to do in order to restore Balance for yourself or a situation.  This reading focuses on restoring & maintaining the greater flow of harmony within you & all areas of your life.


Your past incarnations hold the key to understanding why your life and certain relationships are what they are. Your karma determines what kind of people and situations are attracted to you. This reading gives you insight on a relevant past life so you can start the process of resolving past karma and grow from it.

You are welcome to bring with you a past life you know of, or, bring an issue or relationship you are curious about.

NOTE: This is a reading and information session. It does not include a journey or regression. For a regression, please contact Moonstone and we will make arrangements with Eagle Skyfire.

For journeys on the various aspects of Past Lives, check out our upcoming Past Lives Summer Sessions.

For additional information on any of the above, please email donna@moonstoneandsage.com, or call us at 610-644-2202.

You are most welcome to record this session​ on your own audio recording devices.  Please make sure the device is fully charged and ready to go.

Thank you.

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