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Join us for a free and very special event Saturday, March 23. Enjoy a day of free lectures focusing on simple techniques you can use daily to get out of your own way, reduce stress and anxiety, connect with Source and your Higher Self and more! At 3 pm, grab a drum (provided or bring your own if you’re not early!) and discover just how sound healing works in real time!


Also, give yourself the gift of personalized yoga and/or sacred sound healing with our skilled practitioners, who will create individual sessions tailored to your specific needs— and at special rates! ($20 for $20 minutes)


You can find solutions to your physical and emotional challenges, greater wellness and vitality with Prana Peggy as she guides you through easy yoga and meditation techniques you can do sitting in a chair. (No equipment needed!)


And you can bask in luxurious and deeply resonating sacred sound therapy that connects you to your Higher Self, lifts your spirit, cleanses your aura and your energy and eases your mind, with Moe Jerant.


At 3 pm, come bang the drum and discover how group sound healing can work.


All this and more! You deserve it! Come join us for this and light refreshments!


Pre-Registration is not necessary to attend, however it’s helpful to register in advance for the custom yoga and sound therapy sessions:  20 minutes for $20. 


You also can decide to register that day.

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