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Gemstone Readings & Energy Healing with Melinda Fern

Melinda Fern has always been sensitive to energy and the spirit world. As a young girl, she realized that she was able to sense the movement of energy between people and all beings. This, and her fascination with stones, drew her to metaphysical studies at an early age. She has been reading and interpreting messages from stones for 35 years.

Melinda has studied Reconnective Energy healing and Reiki and incorporates both Spirit energy and Earth energy in her healing and intuitive work. She also studied with eagle Skyfire, a renowned Native American Shaman and Seer. She has been a Stone Mesa carrier for 2 years studying under the Peruvian Shaman named Puma Fredy Quispe Singona. She continues to study to refine her energy healing through the Stone Mesas. She also studied Mayan stone healing.

Gemstone Readings
Melinda Fern’s gemstone reading addresses concerns and worries you might be focusing on. It helps you to change your thought patterns, get rid of unwanted habits or old beliefs, and clear your mind to move forward with your goals. This reading provides great insight into your purpose in this life and your spiritual growth. Suggestions are offered to guide you to live the life you love. Messages from your angels, guardians, and guides may come through.

(any time over 45 min will be charged $130)

Energy Healing With Stones
In this energy healing, Melinda works with stones to balance the energy of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. It aligns the chakras and breaks up blocks, allowing energy to flow more easily. Balance to the male and female sides of the body is also addressed. It releases the energies of others that interfere with living your authentic self. This healing helps you to release worries, fears, doubts, and negative energy stored in your body. These energies prevent the body, mind, or soul from healing in a natural way. Messages are relayed that come up in the healing.

Combination Energy Healing and Gemstone Reading
For the combination, we sit and have a reading with the stones to see what worries or challenges lay heavy on your heart. Clarity is also given from the stones as to where you want your life to go from here and how you want to feel. The reading pinpoints the specific intention you have for the healing to balance the body, break up blocks, release trauma, and energize your body to move forward with more purpose and direction.

Come and experience Source Energy and the energies of Mother Earth flow through you to be uplifted and refreshed!

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