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Event Series Event Series: Astrology Readings with Judy

Available sessions include:

Intro to Your Natal Chart (“The Big Three”: Sun, Moon, and Ascendant)

Exploration of your horoscope begins with a focus on the brightest “lights” in any horoscope (Sun and Moon) and the virtual “”window” through which they shine (the Ascendant or Rising Sign). With these major players defined, we begin the story of what makes you you.  This is a 25 minute session.

Reading of the Moon’s Nodes (Past Life Karma/ Behaviors and Present Day Direction)

This focus is often thought of as “the chart behind the chart” – the analysis of the Moon’s South Node suggests what we’ve brought into our lives today from possible past incarnations, while the Moon’s North Node points the way to a new evolutionary direction (or remedy) that Spirit suggests we embrace.  This is a 25 minute session.

Intuitive Integration of the Natal Chart (Including Big Three and Moon’s Nodes)

A deep dive into the natal chart, highlighting major as well as minor themes and how it all seems to fit together.  This is a 55 minute session.

Appointments should be made at least one week in advance.

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