A Traditional Native American Shaman

Eagle Skyfire is a shaman and a renowned Native American seer. Consultations are done in the Traditional Native American way as they have been done for thousands of years. These personal readings and consultations help to guide you with different concerns or areas of interest. She can provide clarity in various areas of your life ranging from everyday matters to uncovering your life’s purpose and spiritual path, and more. The consultations will focus on your Life Lessons, the different Paths ahead of you, and the energy that surrounds you. With this knowledge, you can empower yourself and make your own best decisions.

Flow Of The River

By Eagle Skyfire

In Native American tradition there is a constant current of energy that influences us and daily events known as the “Flow of the River”. The Flow of the River is not merely a backdrop. It provides the raw energy for manifestation for both individuals and the global community. I am a Native American shaman and tradition keeper who is trained in reading and interpreting this sacred energy. Through prayer and ritual I get very clear visions of how this energy may affect us. I share these messages and recommendations on how to best “go with the flow” so your life may move in greater harmony.

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Eagle Skyfire offers the following teachings and services:


Personal readings and consultations help to guide you with different concerns or areas of interest. I can provide clarity in various aspects of your life ranging from everyday matters to uncovering your life’s purpose and spiritual path, and more. The most preferred are the Reading of the Spirit which focuses on why events are happening in your life; the Reading of Earth focuses on potentially how and when events will happen in the coming year.

The Reading of Earth

“The Reading of Earth” is a type of Medicine Wheel reading that focuses on an individual person, and/or situation. When you hold the sacred stones a blessing is given and your energy is imparted upon them. After you gently let the stones fall upon the Medicine Wheel Eagle Skyfire then interprets the patterns, and relationships of the stones, and their placement upon the Medicine Wheel for you. This will give you insight into yourself, and indicate auspicious months for you in key areas of your life for the year to come. With this knowledge, you can empower yourself and make your own best decisions.

The Reading of Spirit

No cards or candles used, but rather a blessing is performed with a prayer fan. This blessing cleanses the person’s aura and “pierces the veil” between this world, and the next allowing the shaman to listen specifically to your Spirit Guardians and to hers. According to Native American beliefs, the Great Spirit gives us all life lessons to learn, but how we express them is up to us. Individuals have power over their own destiny.

The Reading of Harmony

The focus of this reading is to create greater harmony so that your life flows more smoothly. Here you will see different aspects of yourself. You will gently cast stones upon the Medicine Wheel and they will indicate which areas are in Balance and which are not. Skyfire will listen to your Guardian Spirit in addition to interpreting the placement of the stones. You will be given detailed information on how to restore harmony where there is discord, and encouragement in those areas where you are already on the right path.

The Reading of Past Life/Karma

Your past incarnations hold the key to understanding why your life and certain relationships are what they are. Your karma determines what kind of people and situations are attracted to you. This reading gives you insight on a relevant past life so you can start the process of resolving past karma and grow from it.

You are welcome to bring with you a past life you know of, or, bring an issue or relationship you are curious about.

NOTE: This is a reading and information session. It does not include a journey or regression. For a regression, please contact Moonstone and we will make arrangements with Eagle Skyfire.

For journeys on the various aspects of Past Lives, check out our upcoming Past Lives Summer Sessions.

For additional information on any of the above, please email donna@moonstoneandsage.com, or call Moonstone at 610-644-2202.


In this 15 minute session, Skyfire connects you with sacred helpers who will assist you in your efforts with Their wisdom and energy for the question or issue you bring, as well as provide an energy attunement.

This session is not a reading. Rather it is an opportunity to gain help from the Divine on one issue or question you are working through. Please only ONE question or issue per session for best results.


Our animal companions have so much to tell us! Skyfire connects with them and assist you in understanding what they are trying to tell you from their point of view. This is meant to be as an added dimension to living in greater harmony with your animal friends, and can be done in conjunction with any advice that you may be getting from a professional animal behaviorist or veterinarian.

Also, as joyful as it is to be with our animal family members, there comes a time that they must transition back to the Great Spirit and walk upon the Rainbow Bridge. I assist in this sensitive process. I help to ease the transition for both your animal companion and for you as the time comes to live life in two separate worlds. This creates a sense of peace and solace during this sorrowful time, so that all may heal.


One-on-one mentoring is tailored to your individual needs and pace. You will learn to develop your gifts, uncover the origins of your soul, or discover your true life purpose. You will learn techniques to grow your abilities strong and safely, gain self-confidence and learn how to use your gifts and your purpose ethically.



One of Eagle Skyfire’s specialties is past life work, as well as guiding you to understand your soul’s purpose. Understanding your soul’s design gives you clarity on fulfilling your life’s purpose because you gain insight into your personal karma. This information sheds light on your path so you can make better choices. Comprehending past lives helps you to grasp why certain people and events are called into your life. When it is appropriate, she assists with releasing of old lessons once they are completed, and provide guidance on how the past life has direct and deep impact in this current incarnation.


Your current incarnation is the sum of what you learned and the deeds you performed in past lives. Recognizing how these past life experiences and choices shape the lessons and manifestations of this life is key to being able to evolve, and to move forward more deeply in your soul’s journey. You’ll learn where to focus your energy and how to interpret what’s revealed so you can focus you can break free of old patterns or blocks, and make the breakthroughs needed to create positive impact and momentum in your life.


Skyfire’s expertise and skill in soul healing, retrieval and assisting others in soul growth are unmatched in this delicate and precise work. Soul and Power retrievals help you to become whole again. Soul healing is a combination of understanding your karmic lessons, past lives where appropriate, your soul’s design and your Dreamweave–-the “blueprint” plus the soul agreements you are born with coming into this life. This work is profound, and will allow you to bring yourself back into Balance, thus empowering you with the ability to reclaim your life.


These meditations and journeys help you to connect with your own inner knowing (your Sacred Self), your spirit guardians and helpers. In doing so, you can receive personal messages and insights to develop your spiritual practices, and life’s work. Meditations help to relieve stress, bring clarity to your mind, and present useful perspectives that can be applied to your life.



The most common form of sacred circle amongst the First Peoples of the Americas is what is called in this culture the “Medicine Wheel.”  A form of Medicine Wheel can be found in North America, the islands and South America.  It can be made of stones or simply drawn onto a ceremonial object.  For many of the northern nations, it is commonly represented as a circle with at least two intersecting lines through the center.  For islanders such as the Taino, it was simply a ring of twenty-eight stones with no lines going through the center. 

The Medicine Wheel holds many spiritual teachings and one of them is a foundational belief that to Walk the Red Road, one must be practical in both spiritual and physical aspects, which is why the ways of this path are very natural and simple.  It is because of this belief that the Medicine Wheel acts as both an actual physical calendar of the natural world and also as a representation of the Great Spirit, people and all beings of the natural and spiritual world.  

–Excerpt from Journeying Between the Worlds – Eagle Skyfire

  • Monthly meditation on the Medicine Wheel.  Learning how the cycles of Nature impact our daily lives.
  • Creating Your Personal Medicine Wheel – designed to go deeper with Walking the Wheel and in creating your own, unique Medicine Wheel. This Workshop runs for 13 consecutive moons, although you may pick and choose as you wish and as your schedule allows. Registration is required monthly.


Shamanism is a “way of living.” Shamanism is the purest of spiritual practices connecting you to your own spiritual Power, the Fire within. It is being connected one-on-one with the cycles of nature and all the dimensions of this vast Universe. It is being in relationship with your Sacred Self. It is learning to be still to listen to the Voice Within. It is here within you that deep Knowing resides and it will connect you to All That Is. Through this connection, you will find that you will be able to receive universal wisdom and feel inner peace. By accessing your inner wisdom, you will be better able to guide yourself throughout the different areas of your every day life. You will also be shown how to properly connect to the spirit realms that lie beyond the five physical senses. It shows you how to find and interact with the spirits and sacred beings in a safe and proper way. All of this will promote your personal growth, which can lead you to personal transformation. This evolution will help you discover your life purpose. Finally, one of the greatest benefits is being able to live in greater harmony and balance. It is feeling confident and at home no matter where you may be. It is living life to the fullest.

“When I first considered taking Skyfire’s Shamanism class, I must admit I was skeptical. I did not see myself as a “shaman” nor did I aspire to be one. I didn’t think the class was really relevant for me. I couldn’t have been any more wrong on so many levels. Understanding shamanism is SO much more than the practice of being a traditional shaman. It is about living in harmony with Nature. It was a life changing event for me.” – Kathy



These are 10-minute sessions designed to clear energy, call in the teaching animals who will help to guide and watch over you that month or a particular issue, and show you how to best move with the energies for calm, peace and success. Also, you will receive shamanic healing, and energy to help restore personal power.


You will learn to walk in the ancient spirituality of this land known as the “Good Red Road”. I am a tradition keeper and a shaman, and I will share with you the ethics, philosophy, and sacraments of Native American spirituality, how to create personal rituals if appropriate and more.


The techniques you learn will show how to apply Native American wisdom to create more harmonious environments, whether at home or at work. The result is overall a stronger sense of peace and well-being.


This is a series of ancient Native American teachings where intense soul work is done in order to create the potential for your transformation and evolution. You will learn your life purpose, the past incarnation that most strongly impacts this one, and many more lessons. It culminates in you consciously creating your Divine Contract. This course requires a nine month commitment, one meeting per month, and can be done in a class environment or privately.



Eagle Skyfire has over thirty years experience in helping people from all walks of life successfully identify and grow their gifts. Her hands on approach is fun and informative. She will take you through various techniques from how to balance your energy and, most importantly, how to use it safely., You’ll discover which methods work best for you as you beginning to receive and interpret messages with the use of tools. Enjoy learning to use your intuitive abilities in a comfortable environment with kindred spirits.

This will help you to further develop your psychic and spiritual gifts. This hands on approach is fun, and will take you through various techniques from several cultures, while learning to use tools, ask questions and interpret messages.


Have you ever felt your energy drained or felt assaulted by something in your environment? You will learn methods to help prevent you from experiencing this, and learn ways to ground and center yourself, plus how to recover your energy if you have been attacked psychically.


Eagle Skyfire leads us through a ceremony to honor all those who have crossed over. This is a ritual of remembrance that brings release and healing. She will lead you on a Journey to communicate with your loved ones. Bring photos of the people and animal companions you wish to honor.


This is a special celebration of the Winter Solstice. An honored ceremony where you…

  • Release that which no longer serves you.
  • Bring the purity of Great Spirit into your heart and home with a candle that is lit from a sacred candle.
  • Select a gift of something special which has helped you in your journey. These gifts are anonymously distributed in a magical way.
  • Enjoy a shared pot luck and fellowship to celebrate the event.