Kathy Shea

Founder, Owner

For as long as I can remember, I felt a deep connection to Divine Wisdom.  I had an Inner Knowing about things I could not explain with simple logic.  I enjoyed a very successful business career in the Financial Services Industry until a life-altering event changed my direction toward a more Spiritual existence.  Before this “event” while in meditation, I was shown a “Vision” which would become the guiding force for the rest of my life.   At first, I thought the “Vision” was something I was supposed to do/create.  In time, I learned this Great Shift in Consciousness IS the “Vision” and we are each called to play our own special part of this New Evolution.

Moonstone and Sage is the manifestation of this “Vision” for me.   From Y2K to the End of the Mayan Long Count Calendar in 2012, we have been focusing on a New Beginning often hyped as the “End of the World.”  It WAS the end of the World as we knew it but it was certainly nothing to be feared.  Every day we are opening to the possibility of a Life aligned with Pure Love - living a Love centric life.  It is a magical time to be alive.  I am humbled to be able to play a small part in this Shift in Consciousness.  I liken it to times like the Industrial Revolution when advancements in manufacturing opened the doors to new opportunities.   That time was focused on new materials and processes to, presumably, improve the quality of our lives.  This Revolution is a Shift in Consciousness.  A Shift in the way we live our lives.  It is more about how we “live” our lives versus what we “have” in this Life.   I invite you to listen to your heart.  Follow the Truth within and trust your journey.   Allow your Heart to lead you where only Love can rule.

Deb Charlesworth

Assistant Manager

After a long and successful career in the corporate world, I’ve moved on to the next phase of my life—spending time in community with other seekers of spirit and helping to expand wisdom and loving kindness in our world. I’m excited to join the Moonstone & Sage family, in support of the shift in consciousness that’s happening in our world today. By way of background, I am a singer and a student of astrology, tarot, African drumming, and Native American flute.

Donna Saul

Business Manager

I'm a business consultant with a long and successful career building companies and increasing bottom line profits. Then one day I noticed that the balance of power had shifted, and I wasn't so sure anymore that the 'good guys' were winning. So I stopped working for people and companies who had only their own self-interest at heart, and I began to work with those people, organizations and companies actively trying to change the world-- in whatever way they could. It was told to me "each to their own measure", and so now I devote my expertise to growing companies, developing people, launching movements, and, elevating the conversation about hope, meaningful change and how it all can be accomplished. "We The People" can mean something again.

To this end, I am now a business consultant for the greater good, start up and companies and organizations in growth mode. I also am a radio host of two programs on a talk radio station in one of the most affluent counties in the state of Pennsylvania. The Greater Good Project (@GreaterGoodPro) airs Tuesdays at 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Eastern and focuses on people, companies and topics that are changing the world one action, one effort, one conversation at a time. Fresh Perspective (@FreshPerspective) is a magazine format Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am- 11:00 am Eastern. Joined by a different cohost daily, we focus on a weekly theme and bring listeners information, laughs, and interviews with business owners, practitioners, and people who are “the real deal”, honest and authentic, and expert in their field. The show inspires, educates, and is just plain fun!
Here at Moonstone and Sage, I’m a business manager and consultant, who also focuses on human development and design, and business strategy and growth for this business and others. I believe the future of our country is in the growth of small business. I do this here and for others. I can do this for you too. You can view more by clicking on the Services tab. To contact me, please send an email to donna@donnasaul.com, or call Moonstone and Sage directly at 610.644.2202.


Eagle Skyfire

Eagle Skyfire is a powerful Shaman, Seer and Tradition Keeper honed by legacy and experience to become a sought after teacher, reader, spiritual leader, and speaker on native traditions and spirituality.
She is a visionary with insights entrusted to her by tribal elders and teachers of many North and South American Nations. Her power is strong, and her abilities have earned her recognition by the Caney Circle as Siba Rakan—Stone of Power, Warrior of Stone–an honor awarded only to the strongest who are charged with sharing Tiano Spirituality with the world.

Eagle Skyfire enlightens others with truth and acceptance of their Earth walk. “To be truly happy and fulfilled, we need to share our gifts with each other,” she says. She teaches people to empower themselves to come into wholeness, and to stand solidly on their own. “In this way, one is taught to be in touch and connected with the sacredness within oneself and all of life,” she says.

As a seer, teacher, priestess, and shaman, her gifts link people with their own profound wisdom regarding their life purpose and reason for being. She gently reconnects people with Great Mystery, Creation, and the Sacred within and around them. Many who seek her out often are at a crossroads in their lives. With compassion and gentle understanding, she leads those who desire it toward centeredness and transformational change by getting to the heart of a problem, seeing all possibilities for a solution, and helping to clarify choices.


Megan McCarry

Massage Therapist

Megan is a master of massage. The natural healing gift of positive energy transfers through her hands. And is also in her ability to transfer positive universal healing energy for the greatest good of all her clients. She assists the innate healing wisdom of the body in releasing old emotional holding patterns. Freeing the body to remain healthy, grounded and able to function at optimal levels emotionally, physically and spiritually. As the healing is intended, so the healing will be. Plus, her work is deeply relaxing and feels very wonderful!

Laura Fala

Laura has been an intuitive advisor for over 20 years. She began her career reading Tarot cards in Jim Thorpe, PA where she would read at a local business. For over 5 years, Laura has assisted a well-known clairvoyant with Aura readings various expos.

Melinda Fern

Crystal Mistress

Melinda Fern has always been sensitive to energy and the spirit world.  As a young girl, she realized that she was able to sense the movement of energy between people and all beings.  This, and her fascination with stones, drew her to metaphysical studies at an early age.

Melinda has studied Reconnective Energy Healing and Reiki and incorporates both spirit energy and earth energy in her healing and intuitive work.  She has also studied with Eagle Skyfire, a renowned Native American shaman and seer.

Susan Hart

Susan Hart, LMT, RM, CMCP has been drumming since 2001 after attending her first drum circle, and was hooked instantly by the joyous energy. A few months later she was guided to play a frame drum over a client during their bodywork session...learning the vibration of the drum could for many instantly calm anxiety, ground energy, clear density and more! Since then Susan has accumulated a variety of different types of drums and other hand percussion instruments to incorporate into bodywork and intuitive energy coaching sessions. Looking for drum circles and not finding any locally, Susan trained with Jim Donovan (of Rusted Root fame) so she could lead her own circles and have the opportunity to play and share the joy with others. Susan’s circles combine the energy of vibration with intention to shift energy. More about Susan at www.SerenityAchieved.com


Frank Rävenwolf Henninger

Frank is an accomplished performer on the Native American style flute, Aboriginal didgeridoo and several world flutes & drums. He has had dozens of performances to date, including church services, medicine wheel ceremonies, weddings, solstice events, private dinners, house concerts, flute circle gatherings and sound healing concerts. He teaches novice and intermediate Native American flute lessons, and has himself had instruction from Mary Youngblood, Ash Dargan, Jan Seiden, Hawk Henries, Clint Goss, Jeff Ball, Jonny Lipford & Cornell Kinderknecht.

Frank is the founder & facilitator of the Spirit Fire World Music Circle, which meets quarterly in Paoli, PA. He completed a six-day workshop and received a certificate in Native Flute Facilitation and Musicianship from the Flute Haven Flute School in Phoenixville, PA in October 2009, and was on the staff of that school for 7 years. He is also a member of and registered instructor with the World Flute Society. He released his first CD of Native American flute music in December 2011, and his second & third CDs in July 2013. Frank performs as “Rävenwolf” in reverence for totemic experiences he has had in the wilderness with ravens and wolves, and to honor his Germanic & Baltic ancestors.

Frank believes that “Playing the native flute is the channeling of the human breath into the sound of Spirit.”

Gracie Citro

Hello, Friends!  My name is Gracie and I am a member of the Moonstone and Sage family. I am vegan and love yoga, meditation, and animals. I am in college, studying Secondary Special Education and Earth & Space Science. Working with those with special needs has influenced my perspective on life and emphasized the beautiful idea that every human being deserves a chance at fulfilling their own happiness and contributing to make the world a better place. Working at Moonstone and Sage allows me to meet beautiful ethereal angels (our customers!) and spread the love that my peers and students with handicaps have filled my life with.  I am always willing to share my knowledge of crystals, spirituality, and health with our customers at Moonstone and Sage!

Megan Riley


Megan Riley is our photographer. She’s also available for other work including personal and business shoots, as well as website photos and editing services. She lives and works in Phoenixville, PA. Born and raised on a farm during her early childhood years, she found that nature quickly became the home to her heart and soul. She grew up around the Philadelphia area, however it was her time spent living throughout the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana that awoke her once again to the beauty of nature- to the awe of simplicity, to a feeling of returning home to simply, what is. She has been back east for quite some time now, and over the course of those years, has found these moments once again. She is in deep gratitude for the opportunity to share some of them with you.

She says: “I remember the exact moment when each photo was taken. I remember the story it told me, the lesson it taught, and the wisdom it provided, as if it were yesterday. I remember how the moment itself swallowed me into all that was pure and beautiful in this world. Nothing mattered; there were no worries. I became that moment; there was no separation, and that is the Beautiful Truth between Nature & Us.”
Megan’s every changing series of seasonal photographs are displayed for sale in our store year-round. Come check them out.

“Because every photograph holds a story, and every story holds a lesson, and because there is no better Teacher than She, our Mother.”

Carol Gamble

I’ve had experiences that have taught me to embrace the challenges in life along with the Spirit world. This has led me to dedicate my life to assisting others. I am a Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master; and IET Master Instructor, intuitive healer, numerologist, and, I embrace the Shaman teachings. I use the healing modalities I’ve learned to help others on their own healing journey.